SEEC Meeting mid 1960's
L-R: Joe Bondurant, Ray Broussard, ???, Milton Smith, R.W. Sherwood

Photo No 2193... Submitted by Kenneth Broussard (Ray Broussrd's son)

This was the first conference Milton Smith attended. Back then it was a big deal to get to go to a conference. He recalls that Mr. Sherwood rented a big luxury car (Cadillac or similar).  One day all of the GSUers piled into the car and drove 30 or 40 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Roanoke, Virginia., on a section that had just opened that day. It was a nice day and a memorable drive.


Milton recalls making a reservation for a hotel room and getting back a letter saying they would confirm the room at arrival. When he arrived, there was a long line of people waiting to check in and a lot of them were being turned away because they did not have a reservation. It turned out that Milton also did not have a reservation. He spotted Joe Bondurant walking across the lobby so he told the desk clerk that he was staying in the same room as Joe Bondurant and asked if he had checked in yet. Joe had checked in, so the clerk gave Milton a key to Joe's room. Milton remembers opening the room door and Joe greeting him and asking him what room he was in. Milton said "In this room."


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